Teletech Park

Designed by Kenzo Tange, this iconic building was the first facility in Asia specially designed to meet the needs of telecommunications R&D companies. The building offers units with false ceiling, central air-conditioning, with/without raised flooring to companies and is within walking distance to Haw Par Villa MRT Station. Complimentary shuttle bus services are available for tenants at Singapore Science Park 1 and 2.

Country :

City or Zone :

Address :
20 Science Park Road Teletech Park Singapore Science Park II Singapore 117674


Additional Information

Floor Loading :
Basement: 2.5 kN/sqm
- 1st storey: 12.5 kN/sqm for floor slab
- 1st storey: 3.5 kN/sqm for raised floor panel
- 2nd & 3rd storey: 7.5 kN/sqm for floor slab
- 2nd & 3rd storey: 3.5 kN/sqm for raised floor panel
- Roof Slab: 2.5 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height :
Raised floor to false ceiling
-1st storey: 2.7 m
-2nd & 3rd storey: 2.95 m

Floor to false ceiling
-1st storey: 2.85 m
-2nd & 3rd storey: 3.1 m

Floor to floor
-1st, 2nd & 3rd storey: 4.5 m

Lifts :
Passenger lifts: 4 nos. x 1,155 kg (17 persons)
Cargo lifts: 2 nos. x 3,000 kg or
dimension: 2.2 m (W) x 3.5 m (D) x 2.3 m (H)

Loading Bay :
1 loading/unloading bay