A more flexible variant of the “Cintech” series of buildings that are completed either with bare shell or fitted units with false ceiling, central air-conditioning with/without raised flooring and lighting available for activities ranging from wet laboratory to IT-related activities.

Country :

City or Zone :

Address :
79 Science Park Drive, Singapore Science Park 1 Singapore 118264


Additional Information

Floor Loading :
1st storey: 10 kN/sqm
2nd - 6th storey: 5 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height :
Floor to Slab Soffit Height
1st storey: 3.5 m
2nd - 6th storey: 3.0 m

Lifts :
Passenger: 3 with capacity for 15 persons each
Service lift: 1 x 2500 kg or
dimension: 2.45m (W) x 2.05 m (D) x 2.7 m (H)