Nucleos is the latest addition to Biopolis configured in two blocks that are linked on the upper floors offering our customers privacy and flexibility in space planning.

It offers innovative, modular units with dedicated lab-friendly features such as district cooling system, central chilled-water tap-off points and pre-arranged exhaust shaft. Retail and F&B outlets are available on the ground floor for our customers’ convenience.

Country :

City or Zone :

Address :

21 Biopolis Road Singapore 138567


Additional Information

Gross Floor Area in sqm :

Net Lettable Area in sqm :

Floor Loading :
1st storey: 7.5 kN/sqm
2nd to 7th storey: 7.5 kN/sqm for typical laboratory
2nd to 7th storey: 12.5 kN/sqm for 7th storey

Ceiling Height :
Floor to Floor
1st storey: 4.0 m to 9.0 m
2nd to 6th storey: 5.3m
7th Storey: 8.5m (North Tower); 5.3m (South Tower)

Lifts :
Passenger lifts: 8 nos. with capacity for 20 persons (1,360 kg)
Carpark lifts: 2 nos. with capacity for 13 persons (885 kg)
Cargo/Service lifts: 2 nos. with capacity for 37 person (2,515 kg)

Loading Bay :
5 loading/unloading bays
3 nos. of 2.5-ton hydraulic dock levellers