ICON@IBP is an energy-efficient building with distinctive and stylish architecture, complete with a retail podium with foodcourt, cafes, convenience shop and childcare services.

Located within the International Business Park, ICON@IBP is in the neighborhood of high-tech companies like Sony, Acer and Creative Technologies. It provides an ideal environment for businesses engaged in information technology, software development, research and development, high-tech manufacturing, laboratory testing and data processing activities.

Country :

City or Zone :

Address :
3A International Business Park Singapore 609935


Additional Information

Floor Loading :
1st storey: 7.5 kN/sqm
6th to 8th storey: 7.5 kN/sqm
9th to 12th storey: 5 kN/sqm
Car park decks: 2.5 kN/sqm
Roof: 5 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height :
Floor to False Ceiling Height
1st storey: 4.3m
6th to 12th storey: 3.2m

Lifts :
Passenger Lifts
1st, 6th - 12th storey: 6 nos. with capacity for 20 persons each
1st - 5th storey: 2 nos. with capacity for 15 persons each (to the carpark)
Service Lifts: 2 nos. of 3,000 kg capacity lift

Loading Bay :
7 loading/unloading bays
5 nos. of 13.6-ton hydraulic dock levellers