15 Changi North Way

15 Changi North Way is located within 10 minutes' drive to the Changi International Airport, East Coast Parkway (ECP) and easily accessible to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) as well as other parts of Singapore. It is a partial build-to-suit logistics facility with 2-storey warehouse, and a mezzanine warehouse and mezzanine office.

Country :

City or Zone :

Address :
15 Changi North Way
Singapore 498770


Additional Information

Floor Loading :
1st storey warehouse: 24 kN/sqm
2nd storey warehouse: 24 kN/sqm
Mezzanine warehouse: 7.5 kN/sqm
Mezzanine office: 5 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height :
Floor to Floor Height 1st storey: 10.5 m
2nd storey: 10.5 m & 7.8 m

Lifts :
Passenger Lifts: 2 nos. x 1155 kg (17 persons)
Cargo Lifts: 2 nos. x 3000 kg

Loading Bay :
28 loading/unloading bays
24 dock levellers