27 Ubi Road 4

Located in the Ubi industrial hub, 27 Ubi Road 4 is a 6-storey industrial cum office building strategically located in Ubi Road 4. It is ideal for light industries such as R&D, test laboratories, product design & development, telecommunications, data processing, software development, computer centres, industrial training and central distribution.

Country :

City or Zone :

Address :

27 Ubi Road 4 Singapore 408618


Additional Information

Floor Loading :
All floors (office): 2.5 kN/sqm
All floors (factory): 10 kN/sqm

Ceiling Height :
Floor to Slab Soffit Height
1st Storey office: 3.3 m
1st Storey factory: 6.6m
2nd Storey office: 3.3m
3rd - 5th Storey factory: 5 m
6th Storey office: 3.6m

Lifts :
Passenger: 2 nos. x 750 kg
Cargo: 2 nos. x 4,000 kg

Loading Bay :
2 loading/unloading bays