Light Industrial

Manufacturing is a core component of Singapore’s GDP, with leading global positions in many of the industries, like electronics, biomedical sciences, petrochemicals, oil & gas, marine, aerospace, food processing, precision engineering, etc.

To support and enable the growth of manufacturing and related R&D, product design & development, data processing, software development, industrial training and central distribution, etc in Singapore, Ascendas has been one of the top business space solutions providers to manufacturing companies, achieved through designing and developing buildings with specifications that meet their diverse needs; and selecting locations that facilitates attraction and retention of employees of our customers, allowing synergistic clusters to be built.

The “Light Industrial” class of assets is generally made up of buildings with low office content combined with manufacturing space and has a higher manufacturing content compared to hi-specs industrial properties. These properties cater to companies which house their light manufacturing activities and HQ operations within a single facility.

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